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Add Macro Command


Macros can contain commands that can add variety functionality to the macro. Macro commands can be added in Macro Steps / Macro Text view by hitting + key on numeric keyboard or by clicking on  buttons.

Available commands are listed in the alphabetical order in the window shown below. The window either displays the macro command names (Macro Steps, figure on the left) or macro commands syntax (Macro Text, figure on the right) depending if Macro Steps or Macro Text tab is active in the Macro Steps / Macro Text view.



When a command is selected then its help content is shown in the lower area of the window. The help content contains also a simple example that helps to understand how to use the command.


There are three tabs that allows to navigate in the available commands different ways:


Commands List
All the commands are alphabetically listed.


Commands Tree
The command categories are listed. Double-click on a category to get the list of commands available in the given category. Go back to the category list by double clicking on the first line with "..".


Last Used
Number of last used commands are listed in this tab. Use this tab to quickly access commands you are adding repeatedly.


There is an option to keep the "Add" window open within the macro editor. Just click on "Keep open" option to get the window open like this:


Just double-click on the command to get it it added to macro.