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Install on Shared Drive


The program can keep multiple users settings while it is installed on a shared drive and all users starts the program from the shared drive.  This feature allows multiple users to share one installation and minimize maintenance effort for corporate administrators (makes upgrading easy even if there are many users on the net).
Information about all the users is stored in the users.ini file that resides in the same directory where the product is installed.  The file is a text file that can be edited by any raw text editor like Notepad.  The file structure is as follows:




Note:  The path name may not end with \ character!   The [1], [2], etc., sections have to start by [1] and end by [num_of_users].   The number of users is limited by your license.

Starting Program

There are two ways how to start the program on user work station with user's settings loaded:

1.    PATH_TO_THE PROGRAM /user:?
Where the PATH_TO_THE PROGRAM is full path to the software executable.  When the program starts with this "/user:?" parameter a login dialog expecting user name (from the users.ini file above) to be inserted appears.


 Where the PATH_TO_THE PROGRAM is full path to the software executable and USER_NAME is the user name from the users.ini file above.  This will start the  program without any login dialog.

Adding New User

To add new user follow these steps:

1.       Create new user's directory where the program can save settings and data files.  You can create a copy of the "UserDir-Template".

2.       Increase the number of users in [header] section in users.ini file. 

3.       Add new user section (for example, [10] if there are ten users) and specify users name and the user's directory path (as per 1 above):


4.       On the user's workstation, create a link to the executable command line as described in "Starting Program" section above.