Run Macro >

From Main window, Tray, Run command, etc.


Except macro triggers, there are also other options how to run macros:

Tray Menu
 User can right click on the program’s tray icon and select from macros listed on the top of the menu shown.  There are listed only macros with “Add to tray menu” option checked.

Main Window
 The macro can be started from the main window using either toolbar button or "Tools/Run Macro" menu item.

All Macros List
 The user can right click on the tray icon and select "All Macros List" menu item.  User can select macro in the dialog box shown and click “Run” button.

From Link
 User can create "Desktop Shortcut" (menu item "Tools / Create Desktop Shortcut") to an item and run the macro by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut.

Drag & Drop
 You can drag an item in the main window and drop it on a window you want to run the macro in.

Run MACRO (<run>) Command
 Macro can be run from other macro using Run MACRO (<run>)command.