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Silent Install


The installation program accepts optional command line parameters that can be useful to system administrators to silently install the program.


Instructs installation program to be silent. When installation is silent then the wizard is not displayed but the installation progress window is showing on the screen. Error messages (if any) are displayed as well as startup prompt (if it is not disabled by the '/SP-' explained above).


The same as '/SILENT' above, just without installation progress window showing.


Instructs installation to suppress message boxes. It has effect when combined with '/SILENT' or '/VERYSILENT'.

The default response in situations where there's a choice is:

Yes in a 'Keep newer file?' situation.

No in a 'File exists, confirm overwrite.' situation.

Abort in Abort/Retry situations.

Cancel in Retry/Cancel situations.

Yes (=continue) in a DiskSpaceWarning/DirExists/DirDoesntExist/NoUninstallWarning/ExitSetupMessage/ConfirmUninstall situation.


Instructs installation to create a log file in the user's TEMP directory detailing file installation and [Run] actions taken during the installation process. The log file is created with a unique name based on the current date.


The same as /LOG above, except it allows to specify a fixed path/filename to use for the log file. If a file with the specified name already exists it will be overwritten. If the file cannot be created, Setup will abort with an error message.


Prevents the user from aborting installation process.


Instructs installation to close the program if it is running.


Instructs the installation to restart the program if possible.


Prevents Setup from restarting applications. If /RESTARTAPPLICATIONS was also used, this command line parameter is ignored.


Overrides the default installation directory. A fully qualified pathname must be specified.

/GROUP="Group name"

Overrides the default group name.


Instructs installation not to create desktop icon.