How to Generate Letter

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How to Generate Letter

Post by Petr » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:11 pm

This tutorial explains how to generate a business letter from an input form. The macro opens a form where user enters/selects parameters of the letter and the business letter filled with the entered parameters is then automatically inserted to application (in our example it is a new Gmail e-mail).
The tutorial covers:
- How to open Macro Toolworks/Perfect Keyboard
- How to add new macro
- How to add new clipboard macro
- How to add and configure "Form FIELD" / <form_item> command
- How to add and configure "Form OPEN" / <form_show> command
- How to add and configure "IF" / <if> command
- How to add and use system variable "_vCanceled"
- How to add and configure "Run MACRO" / <run> command
- How to set parameters for "Run MACRO" command to replace template placeholders with real data

For: Perfect Keyboard and Macro Toolworks, Version 8.5.0 or newer, Professional Edition

Tutorial PDF: ... Letter.pdf
Perfect Keyboard file: ... Letter.4pk
Macro Toolworks file: ... Letter.4tw

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