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Macro Toolworks

Use handy macro triggers to quickly do simple tasks like: insert block of text, fill web form, copy files, upload file to FTP site, paste graphics, enter password, launch application, navigate to web site, insert data to documents, paste phrases while chatting, and much more.
Create more complex macros to: test applications or web sites using image recognition commands, backup files, automatically do text blocks replacements in documents, automatically wake up computers to run back-end tasks during night hours, automatically generate and send e-mails based on file or web site content, etc.

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Perfect Keyboard

Type faster and error-free in all Windows applications with this legendary text replacement/macro software. Even such simple thing like typing on computer keyboard can be much faster. Create a file of your often used phrases or graphics and then quickly insert them while chatting, writing e-mail or documents, coding, etc. You do not have to type the same things again and again, you do not have to search for graphics or tables that you often use. Just have them all quickly available on a hot key!

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Scalable Automation Solution

Select a product and edition that best fits your needs. There is a full range of automation products, from those that are simpler and free of charge to sophisticated professional editions. All the products offers the same user experience thanks to the same user interface , macro engine and macro triggers. The macros you create in lower-end products can be used without any modification in more advanced editions. 

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Welcome to home of Macro Toolworks Windows automation software. All-in-one macro software with advanced macro recorder, keyboard and mouse playback, powerful macro language, variety macro triggering options, easy to use interface and and many advanced features... Since 1998.

Save time. Quickly start macros using handy triggers and have tasks done in a fraction of time. Even simple things like typing on keyboard, manipulating files, entering data can be done much faster.

Save money. Create macros that everyone can use thanks to FreeMacroPlayer - completely free macro runtime.

Guarantee accuracy. Let computers do repetitive tasks so that they are always done error free. Does not matter if it is e-mail or chat communication with customers, backing up files, filling forms....

Increase performance. Let computers do their work unattended during night hours. Schedule macros to wake up machines and run time consuming tasks automatically.

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...or try a specialized derived product with just a subset of macro triggers:
Perfect Keyboard | ClickyMouse | Macro Toolbar | WinScheduler
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