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Welcome to home of Macro Toolworks Windows automation software family - macro software with advanced macro recorder, keyboard and mouse playback, powerful macro language, variety of macro triggering options, easy to use interface, and many advanced features... Since 1998.

Macro Toolworks is all-in-one macro program that features full range of macro triggers and commands. It is intended for users who need to automate wide range of tasks and want to take advantage from variety of macro triggers.

Perfect Keyboard contains subset of Macro Toolworks functionality. It is focused on users who just want to speed up typing text or use keyboard to trigger macros.

FreeMacroPlayer is a completely free runtime that allows to playback macros created in Macro Toolworks or Perfect Keyboard.

Automate any Windows application or Web site. Send keystrokes and mouse events to control application or web site. Use commands that allow to recognize images to navigate to controls or links.

Manipulate files smart way when a file or folder is changed, created, deleted,... Create macros that copy, delete, move, zip, encrypt files.

Multiply clipboard functionality. Save macro content (formatted text, graphics, files, etc.) as clipboard macros and run such macros later to paste the content.

Automate files download and upload. Download and upload files automatically using FTP or HTTP(s). Schedule downloads and uploads to nightly hours to have fresh data every morning.

Create automated tests for your applications or web sites. Macros can mimic user's clicking in your apps and webs, and they can recognize if the expected content did not show up on the screen.

Automatically analyze text and search for keywords or extract e-mails. Use macro commands that allow you to manipulate text many ways. Parse data, search, format text, etc.

Submit web forms. Create macros that automatically open web site and submit form with entries retrieved from local files or Excel.

Record macros for immediate use. For immediate repetitive tasks, just quickly record macro and play it back multiple times even with higher speed.

Manipulate windows, files, processes, registry,... Switch between windows, kill process, launch application, read from registry... automatically!

Read/Write to Excel files. Extract data from Excel files or generate Excel files from downloaded data.

Compile your macro file and distribute it. Create a redistributable .exe or .fmp file just by a single click. Provide your macros to others easily.

Send/retrieve e-mails. Send e-mails automatically. Get notified about changes or events detected by your macros.

Handle errors during macro execution. Select among several options what to do if a macro command fails.

Macros debugger. Find out what is wrong with your macros using built-in debugging.

300+ commands. Write powerful macros of any kind with many thematic commands combined with if-else, repeat, go to, wait, and other macro flow control commands.

35+ triggers. Get your macros triggered many ways: text shortcut, hot-key, mouse click, mouse move, customizable toolbars, time schedule, file changed/created/deleted, pixel on screen changed, etc.




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